Session Tarps and Knots

A session dedicated to the tarp.

We will use both standard 3x3 tarps and various 2.7x3, 2x3 etc.. tarps to build various different shelters suitable for different weather conditions and sleeping configurations.

We will look at the knots and hitches most useful when constructing tarp shelters.

We will address at least the following designs:
Ridge line between trees
- A frame
- Lean to
- diamond
- Hammock configuration
Ground based
- A frame with poles
- Part A frame tarp/tent with poles
- Hex tarp/tent with pole.

Evenk/Siberian hitch
Taut tarp hitch
Taut line hitch
Prussik hitch
End loops - bowline or figure 8 or overhand.
Rope management

If you want to bring your own tarp and poles for practice that will be good.

Duration 4hours.

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