Session Freestyle

Those of you already taking sessions with NTC Bushcraft will know that practice is the only way to master the skills you are learning.
The freestyle day gives you the chance to practice whatever you need to work on with the backup of a fixed camp, fire and coffee. You also get the backup of NTC Bushcraft staff who will help and guide you through things you may be struggling with.
These are not training days..... but we will help you to master what you have trained for.
Awayday? We are taking you to a new environment. A new woodland for you to explore and learn about. You can set your fires, hang your tarps and tents, build your camp furniture in a stunning new woodland.

Some of the things you may want to practice.

• Fire starting using different methods, gathering tinder and kindling etc..
• Creating embers and blowing into flame
• Bow drill
• Hammock setup
• Tarp set up.
• Using tarps as tents
• Knots and hitches
• Carving and wood skills.
• Tree and plant identification.

And anything else you may have some experience with.

There are no upcoming events at this time.