Session 1

This first introduction to bushcraft will provide you with a basic foundation on which you can start to build your bushcraft knowledge.
You will receive insight into the world of bushcraft and start to think about the things around you in a different way.

During the 4 hour session you will receive instruction on various skills and have time to practice those skills yourself.
This session will not make you and expert in anything! you will need lots of practice and for some of the topics you will need further sessions of training.

1. Introductions, site tour and 'what is bushcraft'.

2. Shelter fundamentals and options.

3. Build a simple Tarp shelter and 4 knots. (taut tarp hitch, evenk/Siberian hitch, taut line hitch, bowline)

4. Fire lighting challenge.

5. Demo fire making. Fire steel, flint, solar, chemical. Include tinder and wet weather.

6. Anything else we have time for..

7. Next steps.

Duration. 4hours

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