Standard prices and booking information

The prices shown here are reflect full price tickets.  Each individual event may be subject to discounted pricing for many reasons therefore the price shown here may not be the lowest available.

Please check in the booking system for the individual price for the event you are interested in.

To see session availability and to book a course through our third party booking system please select view all available sessions You may be asked to download their app or use your browser. Both work.

Please note... All prices for Ampthill events are reduced due to support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).  The reduced price is listed in the booking system and identified as (HLF) tickets.

Session prices 2018-19

AdultU18Parent *Fixed
Single session40300
Full day (2 sessions)70500
Family Session (2+2)100
Family day (2+2)180
1 to 1contact
Private - Up to 10 - full day360
Private - Up to 10 - half day200
*Please note that an adult supervising but also taking part must purchase an adult ticket

Only group bookings are exclusive. All other bookings will be shared with others.