Fathers Day Specials

NTC Bushcraft is pleased to announce a Fathers Day special ticket for 2019.

If you purchase one of our Fathers Day Special Tickets at the normal price it will enable one Father and one child to attend a bushcraft session for the price of the Father only.  The child can be of any age from 11 to 60 years but must attend with the father.

How does it work?

Simply book an adult ticket on by clicking here

Select either the all day adult ticket at £45 or the Half day adult at £25

You will receive the ticket confirmation immediately and via email.

You now need to choose a date to attend.  You can find details below or on the facebook events page.  You have until September 30th 2019 to use your ticket.  If it has not been used by this date the ticket will be refunded.

When you know which date and session suits you best simply drop us a line and we'll transfer your reservation to the correct date for you.

You can contact us using the original ticket and messaging the organiser, use the web site contact form or email

Want more than one child to attend?
No problem, just book the additional under 18 slot at the new date.  You'll have to pay for the 2nd child.


Any questions please check the web site, email us or use the contact form.

There are no upcoming events at this time.